A Day You’ll Remember Forever, With a Dress You’ll Never Forget!


Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life.

It’s your chance to have everything go your way. It’s YOUR day for magic to happen! The start of a new life! Leading up to your wedding day, you spend countless hours picking out flowers… and Probably Days picking out your cake…You obsess over center pieces, your wine glasses, your chair covers…. How your Hair will shine, what kind of updo? What will your make up looks like… Who is going to be the DJ? -> You need the best music…The Food, the Snacks, the Games, The Speeches!!!! All Unique, All Different, All Fun!!! 


But when it comes to your dress, you’re usually stuck with White, Off-White or White…. 


Who decided that…Who said all wedding dresses need to be white?!?!?! I’m sure it was some crazy old British Guy! Sure they have different buttons, beads and bows… But where’s the style? Where’s the fun? RIGHT!?!?! That’s why I am so excited to show you Carrie’s Amazing Dress!


It’s a one of a kind Airbrushed Wedding Dress. Hand Painted by ME! Paul Daniels II, in Winnipeg Mantiba. 


Carrie and I met a few months ago as she had seen my past work and said she wanted to do something CRAZY! She wanted a Unique One of a Kind Airbrushed Wedding Dress for her wedding.It was an amazing idea, and something we had never done before and it turned out awesome!  Carrie and I met along and came up with the concept, colours and a plan for creating this one of a kind wedding dress. After a lot of creative design, a lot of sewing, a lot of meticulous airbrushing and a crazy amount of detail work with our seemstress, Carrie’s dress came together in a way that completely blew every one away.

People were stopping us EVERYWHERE to comment on How Beautiful My Dress Was!


It truly was an incredible experience, and Carrie’s willingness to try something new, to stand out and do something that not everyone has the will to do, really was the icing on this dress, and the beautiful wedding cake I airbrushed for her too! If you’re a wedding renegade and want a one of a kind wedding dress experience, let’s talk, I love these kinds of projects and I love to see the smile on your face when you see the finished design for the first time! It brings a huge smile to my face too.


You can call me at 204-612-3913 and we can come up with something creative for you!



“Paul Daniels II(facebook.com/pareairdesigns) who airbrushed My dress!! What fantastic work he did, and he made my cake topper to match!! His communication was amazing, and he even shut down his business temporarily to focus 100% on my dress!! Pictures don’t even do justice to how beautiful the dress is, people were stopping us everywhere to comment on how outstanding it looked!!”

Carrie Delaronde

Beautiful Bride in an Amazing Dress!